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where the power of Audio Intelligence shapes the future. Zydio AI was born from the desire to revolutionize the way we interact with technology, bridging the gap between humans and machines through cutting-edge advancements in audio processing..

About Zydio AI

At Zydio AI, we don't just provide solutions – we inspire innovation. By harnessing the potential of Audio Intelligence, we are able to address the limitations of traditional Automatic Speech Recognition systems, paving the way for a more intuitive and seamless user experience.

Our core mission at Zydio AI is to lead the charge in Audio Intelligence innovation. We believe in democratizing access to AI technology, offering a free platform for all who seek to leverage the transformative power of our creations. With Zydio AI, communication is simplified, interactions are streamlined, and new dimensions are explored in the world of Web3.

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Token Name: ZydioAI
Ticker: ZDAI
Decimals: 9
Total Supply: 100,000,000
Network: Ethereum
Dex: Uniswap
Buy Tax: 5%
Sell Tax: 5%
Contract Address: 0x....dead

The Audio Intelligence Platform.

We are dedicated to supplying robust tools that deliver exceptional value, making AI accessible to all, and honoring the interests of musicians, vocalists, composers, and rightsholders. At Zydio.AI, we view artificial intelligence as a collaborative tool to enhance creativity and blockchain.